7.12.11 Ultrasound Yay!

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Today was my 3rd ultrasound since I found out my little pumpkin was a girl back in May. Omg she looks just like her dad and I so she looks like my daughter! I am so excited and I cannot wait to meet her yay! I don't know if you can tell how to read an ultrasound but I became like a professional after having my first baby girl. This first picture is like a side profile where her foot, hand, and umbilical cord are on her face.

She is yawning like a little cutie in this picture : )

This is another side profile with the little shape on her face. You can see her whole side profile with her little nose and eye! So she weighs in at 2 lbs and 7 ounces which makes me right on track for 28 weeks. I am so happy that God has blessed me with this little bugger and the little bugger that I have already...


  1. Evil Nelly said...

    omg! this is fabulous! congratulations victoria! i see you are due in about 11 weeks! 'eneya' is such a beautiful name!

    thank you so much for following my blog, i am following you now too, looking forward to see your posts :)

  2. victoria said...

    Thanks Nelly and I love your blog by the way it is fabulous! Lol but yeah the name I had to stick with the E's because me daughter is Evianna Isabella so now I just need to find an I middle name for Eneya : ) looking forward to all of your posts and wonderful work!

  3. cassiepeia said...

    thank you so much for following. baby Eneya is just beautiful and hopefully Evianna is looking forward to being a big sister! hope you're taking it easy over the next 11 weeks. i can't wait to read more.-x-

  4. victoria said...

    Thanks Cassiepeia for the sweet words and yes I am definitely still trying to take it easy but you know my little Evianna is a wild child so keeping up with her is always exciting lol.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Congrats Voctoria, I am so happy for you. Eneya look so beautiful in her ultrasound pictures. Having two beautiful girls is such a blessing. Happy Pregnancy girly and b sure to take things easy. Also I am enjoying your blog...

    xx- Crissy

  6. SewPetiteGal said...

    Aww, what a cute little girl!! I bet you must be getting so excited! Great blog :)

  7. victoria said...

    Thanks for the sweet comments it really makes my day : )


  8. we {Heart} Scrap said...

    this is so adorable! Congrats <3

  9. victoria said...

    Thank you Yvonne and congrats to you too!

    : )

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