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Well I started my blog because of the many blogger's who I consider a huge inspiration. I love so many of them that there are too many to name of course. Whether they blog in regards to fashion, life, tips and tricks, food : ), and whatever else may be wonderful and entertaining, I love them! I consider many of them to be fashionistas and inspiring women who I would love to be like someday.

My first Bloggernista is Maegan from Love Maegan. This woman definitely knows how to do herself up let me just say. She is such a classy and elegant woman that knows how to make it sexy at the same time. I love how she mixes her style up each day from classically elegant to sexy mistress. From DIY's to wonderful fashion inspirations, Maegan is a must see in the blogging fashion world.
(I do not own the pictures shown below. Please see link in post for original owner of the pictures.)


  1. Alba M said...

    aww ur so sweet to dedicate this blog to her!!!

    So exciting that you're having a baby girl <3


  2. Madeline said...

    how precious!! i love those outfits, i wish i could have them all!!
    super cute blog :)



  3. victoria said...

    Thanks for the sweet comments Madeline and Alba and thanks for the blog support! Thanks Alba for the baby comment because YES I AM SUPER EXCITED! LOL can't wait

  4. Salima J. said...

    Waaaaaw ! I just love your blog :O please become a member it would be suh a honor ! Anyway i'm already a member of yours ♥

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