Sorry about the lack of posting for two weeks. I have been so tired and in pain because the baby keeps sitting on a nerve and it is killing me! I think she is trying to warn me of her big arrival lol! Boy oh boy this little girl is killing me like I can barely walk without falling over because the nerve in my leg like gives out but it hurts! Just the other day in Wal-Mart a man had to help me up because I just stopped in the middle of the aisle like I was in labor : ) on top of that I am having those Braxton Hicks contractions (fake contractions that prepare you for the real painful hurtful ones). But in other great news Beyonce is pregnant! Isn't that amazing! She is so beautiful and she will be such an amazing mother like I cannot wait. Here she is at the VMA's where she announced this wonderful joyous news. I am happy for her and this little baby is blessed with wonderful parents and family. Congrats Beyonce, I love you!




H&M Dress


So I have been so tired and lazy lately not updating the blog like I should have...I'm sorry!

Okay so here is another edition of Bloggernista Wednesday! Well Julia from
Gal Meets Glam has to be one of the most gorgeous fashion bloggers ever! There are so many beautiful and awesome fashion bloggers out there that have such wonderful and versatile fashion that it makes you want more. Julia is one of those bloggers. I always look forward to her posts whether it be fashion or beauty, it is always nice to catch up on her blog. I think her style is so amazing. She is between bohemian and chic so whatever she may wear, she will look absolutely stunning in it! And omg, did I mention I swear she reminds me of Emma Watson?! I swear the two beauties could be twins or something like I am serious she is so lucky. I love Emma. Anyway, check Julia out here and enjoy!

(I do not own the pictures shown below. Please see link in post for original owner of the pictures.) 

Can you see the resemblance? 

(Image on the left c/o Gal Meets Glam and the Emma Watson image on the right c/o Hairstyles Area)

Bloggernista Wednesday...Gal Meets Glam


Hot Pants

Hot Pants by victoriabellissima featuring gold tone watches

Had to do the hot pants post with hot girl Mila Kunis...love her!

Hot Pants


Dora and Boots...Grown Up

Dora and Boots...Grown Up by victoriabellissima featuring a yellow t shirt

So my daughter is obsessed with Dora and we watch it everyday, every hour, every minute! Well thanks to her, this was my inspiration of the cartoon in style terms. Not much but I think they are very cute outfits! I know that Boots is a boy monkey but I wanted to do girl clothing so that is why I have the HERS outfit of boots instead of HIS! Lol forgive me but yes this is my little tribute to my daughters favorite cartoon! I wanted it to be as casual but cute as possible so here it is...Dora!

Dora and Boots...Grown Up


32 Weeks...8 more to go!


Well I stand at 5'0 even so I am a little girl for sure! I am petite as we like to say in the world of fashion so sometimes certain types of clothing or stores could be a challenge for me to shop in due to my small stature. Clothing sometimes run bigger of course especially cute pants and bottoms that could be so long which makes it look like I am being swallowed up (just to give you a visual). But there are so many petite fashionistas out there that have given me the inspiration for petite finds and looks that are great for my small frame.

One of my favorite petite fashionistas happens to be Jean from
Extra Petite. With her awesome finds and outfit combination's, Jean is definitely one strong powerhouse of petite force. I love her business casual style and how she makes business look so gorgeous compared to most working class ladies who lose their sense of style sometimes. You never have to limit style in category especially when in the workplace because you can still be fabulous. Jean makes the workplace fun and fashionable with her petite frame so all of you smaller ladies out there you will love her blog. I know I do!

(I do not own the pictures shown below. Please see link in post for original owner of the pictures.) 

Bloggernista Wednesday...Extra Petite


Biker Biatch

Biker Biatch by victoria9218 featuring leather leggings

I have been obsessed lately with biker jackets and all of that so this outfit just makes me want to get on a bike and pull up to a bar. The metallic jacket is awesome and the booties match perfectly. With the soft  nude blouse covered up, the look has a much softer tone once the jacket comes off. 

Biker Biatch

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