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Well I stand at 5'0 even so I am a little girl for sure! I am petite as we like to say in the world of fashion so sometimes certain types of clothing or stores could be a challenge for me to shop in due to my small stature. Clothing sometimes run bigger of course especially cute pants and bottoms that could be so long which makes it look like I am being swallowed up (just to give you a visual). But there are so many petite fashionistas out there that have given me the inspiration for petite finds and looks that are great for my small frame.

One of my favorite petite fashionistas happens to be Jean from Extra Petite. With her awesome finds and outfit combination's, Jean is definitely one strong powerhouse of petite force. I love her business casual style and how she makes business look so gorgeous compared to most working class ladies who lose their sense of style sometimes. You never have to limit style in category especially when in the workplace because you can still be fabulous. Jean makes the workplace fun and fashionable with her petite frame so all of you smaller ladies out there you will love her blog. I know I do!

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