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Sorry about the lack of posting for two weeks. I have been so tired and in pain because the baby keeps sitting on a nerve and it is killing me! I think she is trying to warn me of her big arrival lol! Boy oh boy this little girl is killing me like I can barely walk without falling over because the nerve in my leg like gives out but it hurts! Just the other day in Wal-Mart a man had to help me up because I just stopped in the middle of the aisle like I was in labor : ) on top of that I am having those Braxton Hicks contractions (fake contractions that prepare you for the real painful hurtful ones). But in other great news Beyonce is pregnant! Isn't that amazing! She is so beautiful and she will be such an amazing mother like I cannot wait. Here she is at the VMA's where she announced this wonderful joyous news. I am happy for her and this little baby is blessed with wonderful parents and family. Congrats Beyonce, I love you!



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