Such A Lady

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Such A Lady

I think a white blazer with some cute skinny jeans are a perfect match. Any blazer color with jeans and leggings with the right accessories. I know I have a scarf with a necklace too but hey that is just me when I get too hot with the scarf, I need something cute on my neck! I think the neck is one of the sexiest places on a persons body. Just saying : )


  1. Tassos P said...

    Oh, this is indeed a great look! Casual and chic at the same time! I love a blazer with a pair of washed off jeans.

  2. Vonny said...

    nice mix of outfits :D great blog

  3. pink maria said...

    Thanks for following me. I followed you back :)

  4. Sherry said...

    I love, love, love this!!!! The white blazer, the jeans, the striped tank - LOVE it!! Great blog! :)


  5. victoria said...

    Thanks for the awesome comments!

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