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1. I am a mutt : ) Half Latina/Half Black
2. I am so obsessed with Twilight and Harry Potter (read the books before the movies, true fan)
3. If my boyfriend let me, I would let lay a wet one RPatz because well he is the hottest damn thing on earth
4. I was born Jan. 17, 1989
5. I am prego with my 2nd daughter yay! I have a 21 month old who will be 23 months older than her little sister how adorable!
6. I love to eat I can't even describe the feeling I get from eating especially some wonderful Italian food
7. I am an aspiring inventor...enough said got a few being made
8. Well I love to shop
9. I am new at blogging
10. I sketch clothing
11. I am a stay at home mother going to school full time
12. I went to a performing arts school in high school and vocal was my major so yes I am a singer
13. I was a dancer
14. I was a soccer champ
15. I am still somewhat of a tomboy : )


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